Making your life selling on easier

If you are a seller on then there's one thing you know: unless your product is showing up on top of the search, the likelihood of you making a sale is very low.
Depop lists new or newly-updated products on top of searches. As such, many sellers regularly "refresh" --edit the listing without making any changes-- their listings in order to get them more visibility.
While the process of "refreshing" a listing if very simple, it's not a feasible process if you have hundreds of listings. You would be spending hours throughout the day manually editing each individual listing.
repop solves that. repop is a Google Chrome extension that uses Javascript and Depop's own API to retrieve and refresh all seller listings. The best part is it doesn't need user credentials as long as the person is already logged in to via Google Chrome.
Here's a quick look:

repop is for personal use only. An iOS version is also being worked on.